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Dhahran 2002
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(Back) 01-achieva-front 02-achieva-rear 03-garden-bbq-area 04-garden-vases
Car Front Car Rear Garden Area Vases
05-in-front-window 06-out-front-window 07-bookshelf 08-sofa 09-dining-room-table
Front Window Out Front Window Bookshelf Sofa Dining Room
10-chinese-caligraphy2 11-look-thru-window 12-mini-stereo 13-front-door 14-enterc-open
Toward Kitchen Look thru to Kitchen Stereo Toward front Door Entertainment Cntr
15-microwave 16-bottom-steps 17-big-fish-bottom 18-chinese-caligraphy 19-hall
Kitchen Bottom of Steps Along Steps View from Steps Hall
20-bed 21-bed-computer-table 22-bedroom-mirror 23-bathroom1 24-bathroom-mirrors
Bed Computer Table Big Mirror Bathroom Bathroom Mirror
Da Boyz