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Welcome to my Dhahran Website!
A few new pictures of my place since my shipment arrived and I really moved in.
Attempting to answer the burning question "what is it like over there"?

By the way after being here 114 days, I'm heading for the States in a few days (21 Feb) for 2 weeks. I'll be visiting Houston and Philly and I hope I see you in person. If not I'm truly sorry about that!


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If you would like to see my photos from Christmas time
click on the picture below

OK... I admit it I'm in dire need of a shave but on photo day that is how it looked. Sorry!!

Believe it or not a few people actually wrote me and asked for more pictures. Yea, I know it wasn't you, but anyway....

Now that I'm moved in and the pictures are almost all hung, I'd like to invite you over to see my place. (Click Here)